The Media Mind is a new website aimed at young people who suffer from mental health problems and are working in, or trying to break into, the media industry. Whether you’re a trainee journalist, a freelance video producer, an actor, or an aspiring film director, then this site is for you.

In any given year, one in four people will suffer from one of the many mental health problems out there. It might be OCD, PTSD, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder – but no matter what it is, young people are by no means immune.

In a time when jobs are thin on the ground – more are unemployed than ever before – the stigma that still surrounds these conditions no doubt piles unneeded stress onto young people. Should you tell your boss about it? What about a potential employer? Will it stop you moving up the ladder or even from getting that first job?  These are real worries.

But recently there has been a lot of movement towards reducing the stigma around mental health, and that’s a good thing.

We’re trainee journalists ourselves, and we know the pressures involved with working in the industry day-in, day-out. We want to try and build a place for young people like ourselves to tell their stories and hear others’, to find out what help is out there and how to deal with starting out in such a cut throat industry.

We will be relying totally on the openness and honesty of those working in the industry to talk to us about what they’ve gone through in their own lives. We will also be relying on the openness of students and young professionals to talk to us about the problems they are currently facing.

We know that this isn’t always easy, but hopefully we are engaged enough to use our interviews and features to inform, entertain, unite, and support.

If you feel like we’re doing a good thing, a bad thing, or have a story you’d like to share – feel free to contact us!